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Jenni Inkeroinen graduated from Lahti Institute of Design as Interior Designer. Her goal is to create beautiful, well functioning and interesting environments with a pleasant atmosphere.

Work experience:

- dSign Vertti Kivi Oy

Interior Architect, commercial projects

- Pinto Design Oy

SuperPark, restaurants, nightclub, fixed furniture

- Thesis with Niko Kärkkäinen

Showroom for brands: Hakola Huonekalu Oy, Lumokids and Finarte. Thesis studied retail design and spatial experience.

- Arkkitehtitoimisto Hormia Oy

KELA offices, kindergarten, private homes

-Kohina Oy

Offices, exhibition stand, nightclub

- Susan Elo

Trainee, private homes

Photographer Emilia Forsman


Before going back to school Jenni worked as International Purchaser for several years. Her experience in the business field gives her a professional touch and a commercial viewpoint. She graduated Bachelor of Business in 2003.


Jenni is an open and friendly person. She is interested in new ways of doing things but at the same time she respects tradition. She has traveled a lot and seen different traditions and points of view.

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